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When you’re ready to stop the recording, go to File > Stop AVI Recording. 6. That’s it! 🙂 Jump into Snes9X’s folder and enter the «Movies» folder. You will probably want to assign different commands to individual buttons in different modes. To do this, type a new keypress or sequence of key presses in the button cell. This is explained below. 1 key was held down for 0.160 secondsNew Advanced Commands When you select the New Advanced Command option a new window opens with three sections. Through the File menu, simply click on Save Game Position and then choose any of the 9 slots; you can save up to 9 different save states. As shown here. To recall that saved state, go into Load Game Position, then choose the slot you saved your game in. Back to top Upon opening Snes9X, you might get this error: The program can’t start because ddx9_38.dll is missing from your computer.

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