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The difference as can be seen is that the f3-Knight is not contributing. ] 14…h5! Without the plan of creating a weak b-pawn in White’s camp I have to pay attention to White’s idea of expanding on the Kingside. Commitment and willingness to perform are being rendered more and more futile and at least appear ever less worth the while if in the end, all the effort results in a draw between two opponents who are electronically armed to the teeth. Survey The recipients of this circular letter are being asked to participate in the following e-mail survey and to forward it to other ICCF members whom they know and who could be interested in this subject. MIME Attachment View CHESSBOOK REVIEWS Latest book reviews of 1 August 2014BOOKS REVIEWS BY JOHN ELBURG. Wilhelminalaan 33 7261 BP RUURLO The Netherlands.

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